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Each Pouch Wt: 29 grams of Freeze Dried Smoothie

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  • Made with atleast 240 grams of pure fruits blended with Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana, Greens-Kale and Spinach
  • Superfood Ingredients: Elderberry and Ginger for immunity, well being and bliss

 1 CUP of Fruits = 1 BQ Smoothie Pouch. Simple!

NO More of washing, peeling, chopping
NO More fruit wastage & counter cleaning

NO Artificial Colors & Flavors
NO Preservatives or Fillers

Our In-house chef and expert spent months working with focus groups to perfect the right combination of fruits that are satisfying for all age groups.

Embrace the power of fruits and veggies with our freeze-dried instant smoothie mixes — your delicious shortcut to daily wellness!🥬🥭

NO More excuses for fruits & veggies

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BQ Freeze-dried Instant Smoothie in a Pouch:

  1. All-Natural Ingredients: Made with real fruits and vegetables like banana, strawberry, blueberry, spinach, kale, elderberry, and mango.
  2. No Preservatives or Fillers: Pure goodness without any unnecessary additives.
  3. Rich in Nutrients: Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for a health boost.
  4. Delicious Taste: A perfect blend of flavors that makes healthy eating enjoyable.
  5. Convenient and Quick: Ready in seconds, just add water for an instant smoothie experience.
  6. On-the-Go Nutrition: Portable and perfect for busy lifestyles; enjoy it anytime, anywhere.
  7. Long Shelf Life: Freeze-drying locks in freshness, allowing for a longer shelf life without refrigeration.
  8. Versatile: Can be mixed with water, milk, or any liquid of your choice for a customizable taste.
  9. Diet-Friendly: Suitable for various dietary needs, including gluten-free and non-GMO.
  10. Eco-Friendly Packaging: Thoughtfully packaged to reduce waste and preserve our planet.


1. Open Pouch
2. Pour then Shake/Mix
3. Have a Smoothie Blast!



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Weight 1.02 oz
Dimensions 4.77 × 3.1 in

6, 12, 1

130 reviews for BQ SMOOTHIE

  1. Front Ranger

    Berryqueen wins!

  2. Amazing Kunde

    Berryqueen’s mix is both delicous and nutritious.

  3. Maria

    Purely delicious!

  4. Bernice Dunphy

    The tasty and thick consistency of these smoothies is unmatched. Berryqueen’s freeze dried mix is a winner!

  5. Jeannie

    This smoothie mix is perfectly kid friendly. A version with less natural sugars could be offered for diabetic-friendly diets.

  6. Jennifer Olko

    Love that it’s kid freindly and parent approved.

  7. Sowmya

    Just delicious!

  8. Graciela González Peña

    I never knew all natural and freeze dried could taste this delicious. Berryqueen’s smoothie mix is a revelation!

  9. Sheldon Lawrence

    m all about the all natural aspect. It would be great to have flavor boosts like mint or ginger.

  10. Danielle L

    The no added sugar claim holds true. It would be nice to have a fortified version with extra vitamins.

  11. D. R. Kantel

    Berryqueen’s mix makes my mornings so much beter.

  12. Alexandra Russo

    For a delicious and healthy treat, I always go for Berryqueen’s freeze dried smoothie mix. It’s rich in vitamins and so easy to make.

  13. Sanjay Sharma

    This all natural smoothie mix is a staple in my home. It’s tasty, thick, and yummyeverything I want in a smoothie.

  14. Alex V

    Berryqueen’s BQ Smoothie Mix is all natural, delicious, and kid friendly. It’s a hit in our household!

  15. Marsha K Flemmings

    This smoothie mix is rich in vitamins and kid friendly. Maybe offer a version with added fiber?

  16. Erick Hernandez Callejas

    Flavorful choice!

  17. Amazing Customer

    I enjoy the thick consistency. Perhaps a thinner version could be made for those who prefer drinkable smoothies.

  18. The Ginger Gypsy

    Finally, a kid friendly smoothie mix that’s yummy and healthy. Berryqueen’s got it right!

  19. victor hugo leon

    Ultimate smoothie mix!

  20. Amazing

    I love the natural sweetness! A scoop of protein powder could make it a great post-workout drink.

  21. JB

    The freeze dried fruits in Berryqueen’s mix blend into the most delicious and thick smoothies I’ve ever had.

  22. Stephanie

    Freeze dried freshness!

  23. SARA76

    Rich in flavor!

  24. Aishwarya

    Such a delcious way to start the day!

  25. hug

    m obsessed with how tasty and thick these smoothies are. Berryqueen really knows what they’re doing!

  26. Klara R

    So easy to make!

  27. Edith

    Perfect snack time!

  28. bob 53

    The natural ingrediants really make a difference.

  29. Carmen

    It’s yummy and satisfying. Offering a blend with grains could add a nice texture.

  30. omid alamdari

    Absolutely yummy! Berryqueen’s BQ Smoothie Mix is kid friendly and a tasty way to start the day.

  31. Broscher

    Berryqueen’s all natural smoothie mix is delicious. I love that it’s rich in vitamins and has no added sugar.

  32. Amazing Customer

    A smoothie revolution!

  33. Simone

    It’s the perfect balence of taste and health.

  34. Birgit Wissendaner

    The freeze dried fruit keeps the smoothie delicious. A mix with leafy greens would add nutritional value.

  35. Cliente Amazing

    The taste is amazing. Including a mix with tropical fruits would be a delightful addition.

  36. Amazing Kunde

    No sugar needed!

  37. Daniela Careaga

    A yummy journey!

  38. Jonny

    Berryqueen’s smoothie is quick and delicious. A dairy-free version would be appreciated for vegans.

  39. Daniela Colucci

    A healthy treat!

  40. Roberta

    The thick texture is just right. A lighter, more hydrating version would be great for summer.

  41. Allan Clarke

    No sugar, all smiles!

  42. Rachel L.

    Naturally sweet!

  43. snipsandsnails

    Love the thik texture and fresh flavor.

  44. Cecilia

    No aded sugar and still tastes amazing!

  45. Patricia Primar

    It’s a yummy breakfast option. Offering a high-protein version could appeal to more fitness enthusiasts.

  46. ferdi yavuz

    Vitamin-rich treat!

  47. Amazing Customer

    So easy to prepare and delish!

  48. Abe

    m impressed by how tasty and rich in vitamins Berryqueen’s smoothie mix is. And it’s all natural!

  49. Durrell LeGrair

    Vitamin rich and oh so good!

  50. Sarah

    Thick and satisfying!

  51. NenaSan

    A tasty discovery!

  52. TTrax71

    Berryqueen’s BQ Smoothie Mix is thick, delicious, and all natural. I’m so glad I found it!

  53. Margarethe

    My daily dose of vitamins!

  54. Tash Bling

    Every sip is packed with flavor and vitamns.

  55. Cliente Amazing

    Berryqueen’s smoothie mix is a game changerrich in vitamins and all natural. It’s our family’s new favorite!

  56. R.A

    It’s delicious without being too sweet. Offering a variety pack would let me try all the flavors.

  57. Ail

    The freeze dried fruits taste fresh. I’d enjoy a spicy version with a kick of cinnamon or nutmeg.

  58. Mare Gee

    Berryqueen’s all natural and freeze dried smoothie mix is a delicious way to get my daily vitamins.

  59. KDS

    Kids love it!

  60. LeeAnne Scott

    The freeze dried fruits in Berryqueen’s mix make the smoothies so yummy and thick. I’m a fan!

  61. Bj S.

    Berryqueen’s mix is a hit with the hole family.

  62. natalia84

    Berryqueen for health!

  63. Andrea G.

    I love how tasty it is. Maybe include some exotic fruit options for adventurous palates.

  64. Sabine

    Berryqueen’s smoothie mix is yummy and easy. A high-fiber option would make it even better for digestion.

  65. Manf76

    It’s so convenient and tasty. If it came in individual packets, it would be perfect for on-the-go.

  66. A. R. Clarkson

    m in love with Berryqueen’s all natural smoothie mix! It’s freeze dried to perfection, making it super tasty and kid friendly.

  67. goh yg

    The kid friendly taste is a winner. Maybe a version with omega-3s for brain health?

  68. Chendu

    The freeze dried process really locks in the flavor. Berryqueen’s smoothie mix is delicious and nutrient-packed.

  69. Lmr1016

    Berryqueen smoothies are my go-to snak.

  70. tall-willow jr

    So tasty!

  71. darlene

    I enjoy the rich, thick smoothies. Offering a low-sugar version could cater to health-conscious consumers.

  72. Kristen

    It’s thick and fills you up. Could there be a low-calorie option for those watching their weight?

  73. Turi

    Best no sugar option!

  74. Amazing Customer

    The kids can’t get enogh of these smoothies!

  75. Amazing Customer

    Smoothie perfection!

  76. Rynna14

    m all about that naturaly sweet taste!

  77. Jason McAfee

    m addicted to this tasy smoothie mix!

  78. Catherine

    A natural choice!

  79. Fernando Reyes

    Yummy goodness!

  80. Doodle

    The kid friendly flavors are a hit at home. An option with hidden veggies would be even better for my little ones.

  81. Maria Fernández O

    Berryqueen’s BQ Smoothie Mix is kid friendly and yummy. My children ask for it every morning!

  82. Hannah K.

    Makes eating healty super easy and fun.

  83. Pranav

    Absolutely love the Berryqueen smothie mix!

  84. red7sar

    The tasty blend of freeze dried fruits in Berryqueen’s mix makes for a yummy and kid friendly snack.

  85. Q-Prof

    Satisfyingly thick!

  86. Compraelmau

    My kids can’t get enough of the yummy and thick texture of Berryqueen’s smoothies. Plus, they’re delicious without any added sugar!

  87. CJ Armstrong

    So convenint and tastes like it’s fresh made.

  88. Leonie

    It’s tasty and natural. A gut-health version with probiotics could be a hit.

  89. Thomaya Hamilton

    Berryqueen has the best smothie mix out there.

  90. Linda Buenfil

    Berry delight!

  91. Ale

    Truly delicious!

  92. Amazing Customer

    The no added sugar is a huge plus for me. I’d love to see an organic version in the future.

  93. ashley

    Vitamin-packed joy!

  94. Raed Alasiri

    Berryqueen is love!

  95. JMK

    Simply the best!

  96. Karen P.

    Berryqueen smoothies are so easy to make. I’d love a caffeinated version for my morning boost.

  97. Amazing Kunde

    Impresed with the quality and taste!

  98. Mbatou

    This is the only smothie mix I’ll buy now.

  99. Maridadoale

    My kids ask for this smoothie every day because it’s yummy. Adding a greens option could sneak in more nutrition for them.

  100. Carmen

    Super tasty!

  101. jody slinn

    The no sugar adition is just perfect.

  102. 𝐣𝐚𝐩𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐠 ツ

    This smoothe mix is a game changer!

  103. Assi


  104. CNP

    Berryqueen rocks!

  105. Laurie E.

    Berryqueen’s smoothie mix is delicious and rich in vitamins. It’s a tasty treat I feel good about giving my kids.

  106. Marco Antonio

    Berryqueen’s smoothie mix is delicious and nutrient-rich. An immunity-boosting blend would be timely and popular.

  107. Julija Walczak

    The Berryqueen smoothie mix is delicious and easy to use. Maybe consider adding more berry variety for an even richer taste.

  108. ♦️yenn🃏

    Love the natural taste!

  109. Kate Munn

    Can’t beleive how good this tastes!

  110. vera

    Berryqueen’s smoothie mix is kid friendly, yummy, and thick. It’s the perfect after-school treat.

  111. Amazing Customer

    Makes kids happy!

  112. RJW

    The rich vitamin content is impressive. Maybe add some mineral boosts for added health benefits?

  113. .NP.

    Freeze dried to perfection. Berryqueen nails it!

  114. J Shutt

    This smothie mix is beyond ymmy!

  115. Walt

    Easy, healthy snack!

  116. Alcides Montilla

    I appreciate that Berryqueen’s smoothie mix has no added sugar. It’s delicious and perfect for my health-conscious lifestyle.

  117. Ismael Pérez de Albéniz

    These smoothies are thick, yummy, and tasty. I’m so happy with Berryqueen’s no added sugar policy!

  118. 8333897389

    These smoothies are rich in vitamins and tasty. Berryqueen’s freeze dried mix is a must-try!

  119. Aleval

    Berryqueen’s BQ Smoothie Mix is yummy and delicious. It’s become a morning ritual for me!

  120. Amazing Customer

    Healthy and yummie. a rare combo!

  121. Sandij

    m thrilled with the kid friendly and tasty flavors of Berryqueen’s smoothie mix. Plus, it’s rich in vitamins!

  122. Arturo Barrera

    It’s hard to find smoothie mixes without added sugar, but Berryqueen’s is delicious and rich in vitaminsa total win!

  123. Robert Garry Riedyk

    Wholesome goodness!

  124. Sabrina

    The freeze dried process keeps the flavors intense. Consider adding superfoods like acai or goji berries.

  125. Harry

    I appreciate the all natural ingredients. It would be great if there were mix-ins like chia seeds available.

  126. Cristian Orellana

    Berryqueen’s all natural approach means I can enjoy a delicious, freeze dried smoothie without worrying about my diet.

  127. Debs

    Quick yummy fix!


    Rich, creamy, and absolutly satisfying!

  129. Renato De Cotiis

    Freez dried fruits in this mix are top-notch.

  130. Cmü

    Berryqueen’s freeze dried fruits retain all the goodness and make my smoothies delicious and nutrient-rich.

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