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  • Pure Natural Organic Elderberry Syrup from
  • 100% organic pure elderberry, raw, unfiltered organic USDA honey and filtered water
  • No added sugar, preservatives or thickening agent in our syrup; its pure, natural and smooth in texture
  • Great for kids as well as adults! Take it just like that or mix it with yogurt, milk, your favorite cereals, tea or even just water
  • You will see, feel and taste the difference from other commercially available syrups. Food allergen disclaimer: Our syrup is produced with utmost care but we cannot guarantee a nut or dairy free facility

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Berryqueen Elderberry Syrup

Pure — Natural — Herbal

Made with pure elderberry, raw, unfiltered organic honey and filtered water

Elderberries! Elderberries and more Elderberries!

We pride in selling the purest form of Elderberry syrup prepared in the most stringent quality; maintaining the lengthy process and steps involved in transforming the raw elderberries into our BerryQueen syrup.

We absolutely DO NOT add any of the thickening agents like sugar or additives that you will find in other commercially sold syrups. I wanted to make the best for my family and friends.

Add to your favorite drink, just take it as is mix it up with our own BERRYQUEEN SMOOTHIE MIX

We source all our fruits and veggies from our farmers and

local producers so you get the best! Period.

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40 reviews for BQ SYRUP 8 oz

  1. George-y

    So good! Berryqueen’s syrup is a must-try.

  2. Mariana Velásquez

    Love the natural vibe of Berryqueen’s syrup, but a wider bottle neck would ease serving.

  3. Amazing Customer

    Really like the taste of this syrup. It’s very good.

  4. Chris Souza

    Berryqueen’s syrup is yummy and seems to be of high quality.

  5. Tanja Backmann

    This elderberry syrup from Berryqueen is quite tasty.

  6. Graziella

    Berryqueen’s syrup is a tapestry of taste—a rich, woven blend of nature’s best kept secrets.

  7. Cliente

    Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup is simply the best.

  8. Amazing Customer

    The balance of sweetness in Berryqueen’s syrup is spot on. It enhances any dish without overpowering it.

  9. Mara Crabtree

    Great flavor, great health benefits. Thanks, Berryqueen!

  10. Jenifer Ruskin

    The natural flavor of Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup is unmatched. It’s clear they prioritize quality in every bottle.

  11. Martine Roy

    Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup is the perfect mix of sweet and tangy. It’s an absolute treat!

  12. Vilma

    A yummy boost to my day—Berryqueen’s syrup.

  13. Jocelyn McSayles

    This syrup is really good and feels healthy too.

  14. Alessio

    Every sip of Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup is like a burst of antioxidant goodness. Can’t get enough of it!

  15. Cliente Amazing

    The rich, dark flavor of Berryqueen’s syrup is the perfect blend of sweet and tart—truly superior.

  16. B. Slate

    Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup is a revelation in taste and health. A spoonful a day keeps the doctor away!

  17. Giuseppe

    The elderberry’s natural zing meets artisanal craft in Berryqueen’s syrup—a potion of wellness indeed!

  18. Burger Lover – Dalton

    Berryqueen’s syrup is a daily delight.

  19. Francesca

    Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup is not just food, it’s medicine. It has truly helped improve my family’s immunity.

  20. Serine

    I love the natural ingredients in Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup. You can taste the purity in every drop.

  21. Amazing Customer

    Berryqueen’s syrup is the dawn chorus of flavors—bright, uplifting, and a herald of good health.

  22. Lindsay

    I trust Berryqueen’s commitment to quality. Their elderberry syrup is a testament to their dedication.

  23. Lynn Maclean

    With Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup, every breakfast becomes a banquet fit for royalty. Simply exquisite!

  24. Kenia Rivera

    Tasty and nutritious—Berryqueen’s syrup is a winner.

  25. Marcella

    Berryqueen’s syrup has that homemade taste that you just can’t find in store-bought brands. It’s exceptional.

  26. One of Users

    A delightful addition to my tea, Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup has become my go-to for flavor and wellness.

  27. whynot

    The elderberry syrup is a hit at home, but a less drippy bottle design would make it even better. Plus, offering larger sizes could provide better value for families.

  28. Warren

    Pleasant taste, seems effective.

  29. John Siebert

    Berryqueen’s syrup is wonderfully tangy, but a touch more sweetness could cater to those with a sweet tooth. Also, a child-proof cap would make the packaging safer for households with kids.

  30. John L. Nevarez

    The flavor of Berryqueen’s syrup is top-notch, though a bit more variety in flavors would be welcome. Additionally, clearer labeling could help customers better understand the health benefits.

  31. FreeBird

    Good stuff, nice benefits.

  32. Anthony Feist

    I’ve tried many syrups, but this one stands out.

  33. WR

    Liked it, felt good after.

  34. Art Director

    Berryqueen’s syrup has a nice, authentic elderberry flavor.

  35. C. Scholz

    Enjoyed it, will recommend.

  36. KC

    Really good, would buy again.

  37. jennabellesmom

    The consistency of Berryqueen’s syrup is just right—not too thick, not too runny. Perfect for drizzling!

  38. giilmer carrero

    The syrup is good, and I appreciate the natural ingredients.

  39. DT

    Tasty syrup, feels healthy.

  40. KEEKEE

    Berryqueen’s syrup is worth it. Tastes great and feels healthy.

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