BQ SYRUP 16 oz

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  • Pure Natural Organic Elderberry Syrup from
  • 100% organic pure elderberry, raw, unfiltered organic USDA honey and filtered water
  • No added sugar, preservatives or thickening agent in our syrup; its pure, natural and smooth in texture
  • Great for kids as well as adults! Take it just like that or mix it with yogurt, milk, your favorite cereals, tea or even just water
  • You will see, feel and taste the difference from other commercially available syrups.
  • Food allergen disclaimer: Our syrup is produced with utmost care but we cannot guarantee a nut or dairy free facility

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Berryqueen Elderberry Syrup

Pure — Natural — Herbal

Made with pure elderberry, raw, unfiltered organic honey and filtered water

Elderberries! Elderberries and more Elderberries!

We pride in selling the purest form of Elderberry syrup prepared in the most stringent quality; maintaining the lengthy process and steps involved in transforming the raw elderberries into our BerryQueen syrup.

We absolutely DO NOT add any of the thickening agents like sugar or additives that you will find in other commercially sold syrups. I wanted to make the best for my family and friends.

Add to your favorite drink, just take it as is mix it up with our own BERRYQUEEN SMOOTHIE MIX

We source all our fruits and veggies from our farmers and

local producers so you get the best! Period.

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27 reviews for BQ SYRUP 16 oz

  1. Richard J. Gallagher

    Berryqueen’s syrup is delightfully tangy, yet a smoother pour would prevent sticky fingers.

  2. R. T.

    Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup has been a game-changer for my family’s health routine. Delicious and beneficial!

  3. Kobe

    Berryqueen’s syrup isn’t just a treat; it’s a toast to good health wrapped in a cloak of delicious mystery.

  4. Sara Strickland

    The syrup’s flavor is a hit; however, more transparent sourcing could improve trust.

  5. Melissa Lanza

    The syrup has a nice flavor. It’s a good buy.

  6. paulinedove

    I was skeptical at first, but Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup has won me over with its superior taste and health benefits.

  7. K. Bush

    Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup is like a symphony in a bottle—each note of flavor plays beautifully with the next.

  8. Michele

    Berryqueen’s syrup is delicious and healthy.

  9. Jpg

    I’ve incorporated Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup into my daily routine and I’ve noticed a significant boost in my health.

  10. Sambit

    It’s not just elderberry syrup; it’s Berryqueen’s elixir of life—savoring it is an experience in itself.

  11. elaine

    Dazzling my taste buds and boosting my health, Berryqueen’s syrup is the superhero in my kitchen cabinet.

  12. Sofia Gaweiler

    Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup is the jazz of the food world—smooth, soulful, and full of life.

  13. Grams

    Adding Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup to my diet has been a delightful experience. It’s the highlight of my breakfast.

  14. Keqqy

    Sipping on Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup is like taking a stroll through an enchanted berry forest. Pure magic!

  15. Szerda

    Berryqueen’s syrup is a tasty health staple.

  16. Anna

    Berryqueen’s elderberry syrup is the best I’ve tried. It’s now a staple in my pantry for its taste and health perks.

  17. Binco87

    Berryqueen’s syrup is a hit. Even the kids love it.

  18. AT from BB

    I feel better since I started using Berryqueen’s syrup regularly.

  19. Barb

    A pleasant surprise in taste and health benefits.

  20. L. Rebollar

    This elderberry syrup is a great addition to my diet.

  21. J. Picard

    Berryqueen’s syrup has a great natural taste, but a thicker texture might improve its feel as a topping. More recyclable materials in packaging could also be considered.

  22. A.G.

    Berryqueen’s syrup is top-notch. It’s a quality product.

  23. Madeleine Belleflamme

    I love the health benefits of Berryqueen’s syrup, but a smoother consistency would make it perfect. It would also be great if they could source more local ingredients.

  24. Kim D

    The syrup is sweet, but not too sweet. Just right.

  25. Armin

    A great find! This syrup is both tasty and beneficial.

  26. C. Byrnes

    Berryqueen’s syrup is a game-changer for my health routine.

  27. in the flow

    I recommend this syrup to anyone looking for natural remedies.

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