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  • Pure Natural Organic Elderberry Jelly- By Berryqueen
  • Our Quality-Made with certified organic ingredients, free from preservative.
  • Ingredients- USDA Organic Certified European Elderberries, Organic Raw Unfiltered Honey, Organic Lemon juice, Organic Cane Sugar and Non GMO Pectin.
  • Process-Made in small batches in the most stringent process with clean ingredients.
  • Made in USA
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Pure — Natural — Herbal

Made with pure elderberry, raw, unfiltered organic honey and filtered water

Elderberries! Elderberries and more Elderberries!

We pride in selling the purest form of Elderberry syrup prepared in the most stringent quality; maintaining the lengthy process and steps involved in transforming the raw elderberries into our BerryQueen syrup.

We absolutely DO NOT add any of the thickening agents like sugar or additives that you will find in other commercially sold syrups. I wanted to make the best for my family and friends.

Add to your favorite drink, just take it as is mix it up with our own BERRYQUEEN SMOOTHIE MIX


We source all our fruits and veggies from our farmers and

local producers so you get the best! Period

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Weight 8 oz

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122 reviews for BQ JELLY

  1. LDeck

    Unbelievably natural.

  2. Amanda3s

    Purely Berryqueen.

  3. Mikelle Hicks

    The jelly’s quality is consistent.A customer feedback section on the website?

  4. Gaurang Bhatt

    BQ Elderberry Jelly is my new favorite way to boost my immunity deliciously.

  5. drancourt andré

    Berryqueen’s purest.

  6. Zulfikri Aman

    Elderberry marvel!

  7. njmom

    Elderberry enchantment!

  8. B.S.

    Purely delicious.

  9. T. Scott

    Elderberry wonder.

  10. Miriam Barrera

    Berryqueen bliss!

  11. bellefour

    A jar of BQ Elderberry Jelly is like a jar of antioxidant-rich treasure.

  12. David

    The flavor is well-balanced.A recipe contest for customers?

  13. Eric Letourneau

    Jelly jackpot!

  14. CR Gon

    Berryqueen’s jelly is a hit with about a kid-friendly version with less sugar?

  15. Filipe Ledo

    BQ’s pure joy.

  16. Client d’Amazing

    Purely perfect!

  17. MicroBio

    Heavenly taste.

  18. Meme B.

    BQ’s elderberry jelly is a delightful treat.could use a touch more sweetness.

  19. Rebecca S. Harlan

    BQ Jelly is the perfect balance of sweet and tart – elderberry perfection.

  20. Rebecca S. Harlan

    BQ Jelly is the perfect balance of sweet and tart elderberry perfection.

  21. TWIG

    Naturally delicious.

  22. Mannie

    I trust BQ Jelly to deliver pure elderberry goodness every time.

  23. R. Unterbrink

    Berryqueen’s specialty.

  24. Gabi Sch.

    Naturally sweet.

  25. Kate

    Jelly jubilation!

  26. Huskerfan

    BQ Jelly has become my go-to for a quick, healthy snack.

  27. Huskerfan

    BQ Jelly has become my go-to for a quick healthy snack.

  28. Client d’Amazing

    Finally, a jelly that’s both delicious and nutritious – thanks, BQ!

  29. Client d’Amazing

    Finally a jelly that’s both delicious and nutritious thanks BQ!

  30. Manolo Arias

    The vibrant color and flavor of BQ Elderberry Jelly brighten my day.

  31. Amazing Customer

    Berryqueen’s craft!

  32. NiGö

    Elderberry elation!

  33. Lisac

    The smooth texture and rich taste of BQ Jelly make it a pantry staple.

  34. kisha

    Berry luscious.

  35. Kamga

    BQ’s jelly is a gourmet’s dream.maybe a deluxe edition with gold leaf for special occasions?

  36. Norm Smith

    Berryqueen’s jelly is a healthful choice.maybe add a hint of cinnamon?

  37. E Madison

    Berryqueen’s bounty.

  38. Frank

    Berryqueen’s magic!

  39. Jerome A. Fink

    The elderberry taste is bold.A mini jar as part of a welcome kit?

  40. Faye M Shaw

    Berry special.

  41. Lisac

    Pure berry joy.

  42. ivan nachev

    Berryqueen’s spread is perfect on toast.A squeeze bottle would be convenient.

  43. Steve

    The elderberry flavor is unique.A loyalty program for frequent buyers?

  44. Renee Stanley

    Love the antioxidant benefits.perhaps a larger jar option for families?

  45. D. Moore

    Elderberry excellence.

  46. jackie sinclair-morrison

    The elderberry taste is exquisite.A limited edition seasonal flavor?

  47. Kindle Customer

    BQ’s jelly is a morning about a combo pack with other BQ products?

  48. Serena

    Elderberry heaven.

  49. Jim

    BQ’s elderberry jelly is a natural delight in every bite.

  50. Amazing Customer

    Berryqueen’s essence.

  51. Amazing Kunde

    Love how BQ Jelly captures the essence of elderberries without any additives.

  52. Eduardo

    Authentic berry taste.

  53. Jax

    Jelly perfection.

  54. Steffi

    Berryqueen’s pride!

  55. Hagen

    Berrylicious treat.

  56. Ray

    Elderberry miracle.

  57. hannah619

    The jelly’s fruitiness is perfect.A limited-time offer for first-time buyers?

  58. Christine Scott

    BQ’s jelly is a superb choice.A partnership with local bakeries?

  59. Amazing Customer

    Elderberry royalty.

  60. Josefa m l

    The flavor is unmatched.A community event to sample BQ products?

  61. Oliver King

    Elderberry ecstasy!

  62. Susann Töpel

    Purely BQ.

  63. Carlos Van Dyk

    BQ’s commitment to purity shines through in their Elderberry Jelly.

  64. Domingo Torres

    Berryqueen’s jelly is a taste sensation.A feature on its traditional recipe?

  65. Monserrat

    Natural nirvana.

  66. Sonia p

    BQ’s jelly is a household name. An interactive app for jelly lovers?

  67. Isett Ruiz

    Queen of jellies.

  68. k@p

    Berryqueen’s jelly is a natural choice.consider highlighting the health benefits more.

  69. Jason F.

    BQ’s elderberry jelly is a treat.A clear label to showcase the jelly would attract more.

  70. Steven C Williams

    BQ’s jelly is a great immune booster. A travel-size pack would be handy.

  71. Ali

    Berryqueen’s finest.

  72. Amazing Customer

    BQ Elderberry Jelly is the ultimate guilt-free treat.

  73. Sabrina

    Berryqueen’s classic.

  74. Alberto g.

    Berry goodness.

  75. Ricardo Dzul

    BQ’s jelly is a delightful surprise.A seasonal discount for holidays?

  76. Alberto g.

    BQ’s jelly is wonderfully tart, but a smoother texture would be nice.

  77. Alberto g.

    BQ’s jelly is wonderfully tart but a smoother texture would be nice.

  78. ALonelySpoon

    Jelly jewel!

  79. ramon Guzmán pascual

    Berryqueen’s jelly is refreshingly tangy.A smoother spread would be perfect.

  80. JOSEAN

    Pure indulgence.

  81. Carole Avinin

    Jelly jolly!

  82. Nedim Burgic

    Berryqueen’s jelly is top-quality.A recyclable container for sustainability?

  83. Altair Castro

    Berryqueen’s best.

  84. Jonatan

    Berryqueen’s delight!

  85. Amazing Kunde

    Elderberry charm.

  86. E. Ramirez

    Simply the purest.

  87. Wendy Österberg-Hoss

    BQ’s signature.

  88. Diego Gonzalez

    Berryqueen’s jelly is a natural wonder.A feature on its farm-to-table process?

  89. Yo misma

    BQ’s best creation.

  90. OlivierF

    Berry treasure.

  91. MAGDA

    BQ’s elderberry jelly is a must-try.A promotion with health bloggers?

  92. Fred

    The natural elderberry flavor of BQ Jelly is simply unmatched.

  93. lina

    Berry goodness.

  94. Cliente de Amazing

    Berryqueen’s jelly is a crowd-pleaser.A sampler pack for new customers?

  95. Altunkum

    Elderberry has never tasted better than in BQ’s natural jelly.

  96. Ferdy

    BQ Jelly is elderberry in its purest form – and it’s absolutely delicious.

  97. Ferdy

    BQ Jelly is elderberry in its purest form and it’s absolutely delicious.

  98. Rocio Gomez Garcia

    Jelly gem.

  99. Ezequiel II Hernández Ordoñez

    Elderberry essence.

  100. Amazing Customer

    The elderberry flavor is authentic.A wider jar opening for easier access?

  101. Azeroth

    BQ’s jelly is a natural immune booster that tastes amazing.

  102. Jill B. Talcovitz

    The flavor is rich and deep.A companion recipe book for jelly-based dishes?

  103. Ali

    Simply elderberry.

  104. Say my name

    Pure elderberry goodness that complements every meal – that’s BQ Jelly.

  105. Say my name

    Pure elderberry goodness that complements every meal that’s BQ Jelly.

  106. Cliente Amazing

    Jelly joyous!


    Berryqueen’s elegance.

  108. Chale

    Berryqueen’s specialty!

  109. Yaya

    Elderberry perfection.

  110. Clarissa

    The pure elderberry taste is amazing.consider eco-friendly packaging?


    Berryqueen’s tradition.

  112. Jackie Jill

    The natural flavor is spot-on, though a bit more pectin would improve the set.

  113. Jackie Jill

    The natural flavor is spot-on though a bit more pectin would improve the set.

  114. Chris R

    Simply superb.

  115. Skeptic

    BQ Jelly is a testament to the power of simple, natural ingredients.

  116. Jenine Adams

    BQ’s delight.

  117. Skeptic

    BQ Jelly is a testament to the power of simple natural ingredients.

  118. richard lauer

    BQ’s berry best.

  119. Francisco Garcia

    BQ Elderberry Jelly is a burst of pure berry bliss in every spoonful!

  120. TV-junkie

    BQ’s elderberry jelly is a standout.A customer loyalty card?

  121. Charlie B

    Natural wonder.

  122. Jeremy


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